Today’s low-touch, digital world has us running a million miles an hour trying to keep up with the latest gadgets, outlook appointments and cultural shifts. Time and money seems to define our existence, with the pressure to find the right job, best spouse, big enough house and sufficient retirement account.

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Somewhere amongst this malaise is our true self, some might say our inner child, crying to come out and shine before we reach old age and start wondering what, why and how it all came about,…more importantly in later life will you be able to answer the number 1 question before we die…did I fulfill my purpose?

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In this short film, I have studied and spent time with the last descendants of the Inca shaman, that hold the keys and clues to finding our true path, purpose and calling.

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I spent years learning these practices, culminating in a 2 week trip to Peru’s sacred sites where I received the final pieces of the puzzle to share with viewers eagerly wanting to know the “Secret” to fulfilling our life purpose.

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